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  • And the winner is…Avalanche Watch Competition Winner! We've finally chosen a winner, and congratulations goes to ...... Yvonne Deegan! Thank you to everyone who entered our Avalanche watch competition. We have more competitions coming, so [...]
  • Compass Cufflinks Review & Tiger Eye Cufflinks contacted us to showcase their wonderful selection of designer, novelty and antique cufflinks. We were delighted to hear from them, OffTheCuff are Ireland's leading supplier of great value high quality [...]
  • Exclusive 15% off Discount Code for Lyndsey Boutique’s Etsy Store!Lyndsey from Lyndsey Boutique has kindly offered all readers a 15% discount on all made to measure items, including corsets, bridal wear and bodices. The code is valid for the next 6 months. [...]

Meet the great people behind

Jilly Editor
Editor of Jill's favourite hobbies include drinking tea, spending time with family & friends, walks in the countryside, travelling and photobombing. She can happily spend hours on end discovering new talent, vintage fashions & bohemian styles on etsy
advertising & tech type person
deals with tech aspects of making sure that no bugs or cobwebs stop the site from working. He is also the 'go to' guy for advertising. It has been said that patsy the caretaker has a better fashion sense but we'll not tell him that.
Erin Grant
Quirky, creative and a really nice person too! Erin is an expressive individual and as well as writing about fashion, her other passions include art and photography – a perfect combination! A fashion blogger with heart, Erin is a woman to watch out for now and in the future, making the fashion industry, and the world, a better place!
Lara Siles
Lara Siles is a beautiful and effortlessly chic blogger, originally from Spain and now based in Dublin. Lara’s love of travelling has been taken her all over the world, and her love of fashion to events such as New York Fashion Week 2013! We love Lara’s blog The 109 Block, and we are so lucky to have her writing articles for!!!
Becky Shan
Becky is one of Ireland’s top Fashion and Beauty Bloggers. In just 12 months of blogging, Becky has achieved so much, and has even won a top blogging award from Boohoo! With so many fans, I’ve actually lost count. She’s definitely got the look!
Nirina Plunkett
guest contibutor
A young and talented fashion blogging goddess from Dublin, Ireland. Her style is elegant, unique, and flirty, and if you have a question about shoes, Nirina has the answer!
Your Name Here
This could be you. Talented bloggers and fashionistas are invited to apply, simply email Jilly ( or visit our 'Write for Us' page today 🙂
Sara Chergui
guest contributor
a talented blogger living between France and Ireland. Her style is soft and edgy grunge. Her biggest blogging moment was when Jean Paul Gaultier (yes the man himself!) retweeted and commented on her blog post! I think this makes Sara fashion-blogging Royalty.


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