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Truth talk | Fashion Bloggers and Body Issues, do we have a part to play?

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Truth talk | Fashion Bloggers and Body Issues, do we have a part to play?
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There is a question that comes to my mind almost everyday since I started blogging : do I have a responsibility as a Fashion blogger ? Will the way I look have an impact on other girls? Not that I consider myself having Lady Gaga or Beyoncé’s influence but Fashion Bloggers – at least some of the most successful ones – became fashion icons. If you ask me who inspires me the most, I might say Rihanna but also Beauty Crush, Clothes Encounters, Lily Melrose, London’s Closet and so many other bloggers that are my age, that pretty much have my budget and who I relate to. Would I relate to them if they were wearing designer clothes or if they had high fashion top model bodies?

Fashion bloggers are normal girls (or boys) that you could be working with, be in College with or be your high school friend. I do believe that Fashion Bloggers have a responsibility towards their readers. Our strength is that we went through what you are going through and we share our experience with you, the readers. But the world of blogging is changing. Some beauty stereotypes are catching up. I’m a normal girl, I have beauty issues that I grew up with and that I still deal with. My biggest might be my weight. I came to peace with the way I look. It is how I am and I don’t want to starve all my life to lose 5kg that I will always be scared to gain back.

When I was 14, I was overweight for my height and build. My mother freaked out when the doctor told her (in front of me) that I would end up with heart disease or diabetes if I kept going like this. That same year, I was sent to my aunt in the South of France and she took care of me. In two months I lost 15kg. It’s too much and I don’t recommend it to anyone. My aunt and my mother really took care of me and I had to check my diet and my sport routine for the whole year after. Slowly I came back to a normal diet without feeling guilty anytime I ate something a little fat. I don’t want to go back to that place ever, where I used to check my weight three times a day. About two years ago, before I started blogging, before I left for Ireland I stopped weighing myself. I don’t know anymore, I just see from my clothes if I’m comfortable or not. I am a size 12, that’s all I need to know. I try to eat as healthy as possible but if I want that piece of chocolate, I eat it.

It is because of these body issues that I tend to compare myself to other girls. You know what they say: a girls’ biggest problem is competition. We compare each other, no matter if it’s in a mean way or not, consciously or not, we do it. Some girls will check the eyes, the nose, the hair, the legs. We all have that thing we wish we could change. Same for men. I have hundreds of pictures of me on my computer, I see my face, my body and the camera never lies. This is how I am, and the moment I upload that picture on my blog I know I’d better feel good about myself. Blogging helped me to accept my body even more when I realised that you guys just don’t care. We all are different and that’s what makes our community so beautiful and strong. I believe more than ever that Fashion Bloggers have to keep on being unique physically. The Internet, our blogs are the only weapons we have against society’s unfair beauty criteria. Some girls will have to starve themselves all their lives and will never be a size 10, when others will try anything to be curvier. Where is the beauty in that? Confidence, smile, self acceptance, generosity, all these things will make you more beautiful. So blog on, read on my friends. Be yourself, we as bloggers are independent, we have our own voice. We don’t care about how you look, what matters is who you are.


  1. Hannah 14:24, Oct 21, 2013

    You sure have an influence on some people, are you responsible, it’s a critical question, well it’s the same to ask if Miley Cirus has a responsiblility if a teenager follow her way of life.

    I think you you have one but considering that a few bloggers (to not say none) have devious behaviour on the blogosphere, the impact is limited!


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  2. Jilly 20:27, Oct 21, 2013

    Hi Hannah, thanks for your comment. I understand that you are saying that you think bloggers have an influence on readers, and to ask the question ‘do have bloggers a responsibility?’, is the same as asking the question ‘does everyone in the public eye have a responsibility?’. I understand that you think most fashion bloggers are good people so most are a good influence.

    I think what Sara is saying is a really important point to make, especially for the future as the fashion industry becomes more and more involved in the world of online fashion blogging, will they encourage bloggers to look a certain way as they do with models?- I certainly hope not. As Sara said in her article, it is who you are as a person that matters, not what size or shape, and it’s therefore important to keep fashion blogging real.


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