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A thousand million thank yous!

Thanks to everyone who has made their work available on Creative Commons for website developers like ourselves to use.

Here is a photo of my cat Florence saying “Thank You” to all of you lovely kind people, without which our website,  and I am sure many, many more, would just look dull and boring.

We have a list here of the images we have used, however if you are the owner of a Creative Commons Image that has not been listed, we do apologise (some of the thanks have been listed in individual articles). Please send us an email and we can change this for you (either add you to the list below, or remove the image at your preference).

Thanks again!

Homepage Images:

Wedding Dress – Maegan Tintari @ lovemaegan

Fashion Shop – Michael Coghlan @ mikecogh

Marylin Monroe – Pierre Tourigny @ manitou2121


Blogger Engagment – Top Bloggers – Kris Krug @ Kris Krüg, Top Blogs – Mike Licht @

Article Images:

Fashion Map – Map Image – Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL

Be a Harvest Queen with an Autumn Wedding – Donegal in Autumn – Liam Moloney @ liamfm

Love Hearts? Main Image – Heart Photograph – Ritzee Rebel

Animal Magic – Main Image – Mike Baird @mikebaird

AW Fashion – Image of Leaves – bibliothekarin

Laura Whitmore – black and gold – image of Laura Whitmore by Jennifer Su.

Halloween – Victorian ladies in fabulous hats – James Morely @whatsthatpicture.

Winter Wedding Outfits – Background of main image John O’Connell  @Skellig2008.

And additionally…

Special Thanks to!



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