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The Great Fur Debate: Where do you Stand?

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The Great Fur Debate: Where do you Stand?
closeThis is an old article from a long time ago - has since been redesigned and we even have our own editor now to make sure that we only publish interesting stuff. Get in touch with us if you fancy having a go at writing for us (just click on Write For Us at the top of this page) xxo!

If I were to link you the videos ‘China Fur Trade’, I believe you would be horrified. You can view them yourself online through a number of websites, but let me warn you, there is no high-fashion parade, no abstract art being modelled down the runway, and certainly nothing beautiful about the reality of the trading of fur.

“I have a whole fur closet. I’m not afraid of PETA”. – Johnny Weir


Yet, there are still more than 21 million mink skins sold annually at auctions across the globe where people are also selling rabbit, fox, lynx and everything in between. Fur being churned out and shaped into gloves, shawls, skirts and of course, the most coveted, fur jackets.

Designers, on a large scale, will always speak about the fur they use being ‘ethical’ and sourced from farmers who are aware and responsible. Yet in China, the fur trade is completely self ‘regulated’. I use that term lightly. What this means is, there are no penalties in place to protect the staggering fifty-million animals which are killed each year within the fur farms across the globe.


Millions of animals that are brutally tortured and killed for their pelts each year, are not killed ‘Humanely’ and if they are, then what is considered fair and humane? No matter what way you look at it, even if they are bred for pelts and then killed in a ‘pleasant’ way -they are dying for their fur.

If you’re still slightly sceptical to the damage, and maybe are one of the millions of people who believe that these animals are merely just for fur and not really ‘pets’ or worth the fuss, then I have one final fact which may change your views. Did you know that the cheaper fur, such as rabbit, is often made from none other than your common pets; dogs and cats. Yes, in China especially, cat and dog pelts are passed off and labelled as rabbit fur.


Campaigns by organisations such as  PETA, who are sometimes viewed as too extreme in their ideologies have proved effective. The most notable is the one which asks celebrities to pose naked and exclaim ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’. Celebrities who have joined this campaign include members such as; Khloe Kardashian, Joanna Krupa and Christy Turlington.


It has been argued that, in reality, often those who condemn fur -eat meat on a regular basis, while sitting on leather couches and using animal based products. Does the exploitation in the fashion industry serve some sort of glamorous purpose, and if so, is this why it seems more acceptable to wear fur? In the words of Karl Lagerfeld :

“In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and clothes and even handbags, the discussion of fur is childish.”

Should we be rejecting animal products completely, and if so how would this contribute to the over all impact? I am a fashion enthusiast, I live and breathe it but there is one thing, that never settles well with me, and that is the use of animals in the fashion or beauty industry. Fur goes in and out of fashion, but the sad truth is, that at either side of the trends which glamorize our wardrobes, are millions of animals who are suffering. So, where do you stand?





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