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New Report Suggests Cambodian Garment Workers are Suffering from Serious Malnutrition

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New Report Suggests Cambodian Garment Workers are Suffering from Serious Malnutrition
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The campaign website Labour Behind the Label has recently published a new report with evidence suggesting that garment factory workers in Cambodia are seriously malnourished.

According to the report, garment workers receive only £51 per month to live on. As the work they do is so physical, hard-going and tiring, workers need to consume at least 3000 calories per day. The cost for all this food is £48 per month, leaving workers only £3 a month to cover the rest of their living costs. As a result, workers are only able to afford half of the amount of food they actually need, and their health is seriously at risk.

Labour behind the label are calling on large brands to “take the issue seriously”, starting with providing canteens with free lunches for workers, and moving towards providing a living wage for all.

As a consumer I am so sad to hear that in the year 2013 there is still so much discrimination and unfairness in the industry. For the people in Cambodia not much seems to have changed from children working in the cotton mills of Lancashire in Victorian England.

Ton find out which top brands may be involved, and to find out what you can do as a consumer, you can read Labour Behind the Label’s article and full report here:


The bottom seems to be that Clothing Production Needs to Change to Make the Fashion Industry a Fair and Safe Place for all Involved!

What do you think?

Image courtesy of Kyle MacDonald @kylemac


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